Fernandina’s New Butterfly Garden

As far as insects go, I’d have to say the butterfly is my favorite. They are beautiful to watch and graceful in flight. The butterfly does not sting, nor bite, and never frightens me in my own home like other insects might.

picture-of-a-butterflyLike bees, butterflies carry pollen from plant to plant helping fruits, vegetables and plants create new seeds. Butterflies, who start out as caterpillars, are also near the bottom of the food chain. They are fed on by birds, mammals, and other insects.

Fernandina Main Street in conjunction with Fernandina Beach High School’s Key Club, a student-led organization that promotes leadership through serving others, will be adding a butterfly garden to our historic district. The garden will be installed in the area in front of the Comfort Station and next to the Train Depot.

While the planning phase of the garden began in early 2018, the ground has been broken and construction has begun! The City of Fernandina Beach is donating original, Centre Street bricks, and Imetry, Inc., Amelia Island’s premier paver and stone design company, will help bring this vision to life by donating the installation of the bricks.

Bicycle parking is being installed at the garden, as well as a micro-irrigation system. With a reputation for creating the finest in curb appeal by suggesting the right plants and accessories for exterior gardens, Liberty Landscape Supply will be lending their expertise, too.

Educational signage will describe the life cycles and habitat of the butterfly, and on the adjacent wall of Lindy’s Jewelry, Lindy Kavanaugh has already provided space for the installation of an artistic 3-D mural of butterflies by Artist Punk Me Tender. This mysterious artist is known for his raw form of art. Not bound or confined by traditional rules of art, he acts on his instincts. Punk Me Tender recently had his first solo show in Los Angeles at the historic Beckett mansion and we are so lucky to have him create such a beautiful feature inside of this community garden.

In addition, the garden will be home to four, six foot benches that can be purchased and dedicated. For information to purchase a bench, contact Main Street at fbmainstreet@gmail.com.

The project is schedule to be completed in May, and a ribbon cutting ceremony has already been scheduled for Saturday, May 10, 2019. The ribbon cutting is being sponsored by The Fernandina Beach High School Key Club. The ceremony will feature a butterfly release and musical performances by a local band. Check back soon for more details.

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